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T Johnson's  Counseling Service

"Building Hope.....and Healing"

Ray of Hope Child Therapy Services, Inc

Telehealth / Virtual Sessions

No In Person


If you have questions about therapy or would like to learn more about the services we provide, please email at [email protected] 

If you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to call (877) 758-7257, click the button below or email at [email protected]

Scheduling and Cancellations:

Please click  here to access the client portal. 


Tura Johnson, LMFT Burlingame Therapist

I provide a safe place to discuss your thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged.

Therapy for Black Girls

Ray of Hope Child Therapy Services

Our mission is to provide hope and inspiration to help people achieve their wellness goals. We are an 0utpatient clinic providing psychotherapy services to children, adolescent, adults and families. We also provide immigration evaluations to assist individuals and families who are going through the immigration process. 

Clinicians of Color

Immigration Psych Evaluation Directory

Open  Path Collective

The Shrink Place

The Immigration Evaluation Directory

Coreen Beasley, LMFT - Latinx Therapy

Suzanne Wood on Inclusive Therapy

Tyana Tavakol, AMFT-Therapy in Color